personal flow® – concepts for successful personnel management

„Do not waste your time looking for an obstacle
– maybe there is none.“
Franz Kafka

personal flow® – concepts for successful personnel management

Providing direct leadership for employees is one thing – but having effective and applicable procedures for personnel management in the company is quite another. This includes reliable personnel selection and strategy-based concepts of personnel development just as much as approaches using contemporary target agreement systems.

We will be happy to provide advice and support regarding these and other aspects of personnel management.

personal flow®

Personal­ development

Strategic personnel development for coping with future challenges

Workplace requirements change, and so do the needs of the staff. Consequently, personnel development is becoming more and more important and not only because of the much-cited shortage of new recruits and qualified specialists. What does personnel development have to do to ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s requirements are satisfied? In the best case, the employees qualifications match the workplace requirements. If they do not, measures have to be discussed, accurately described and implemented to plug the gap between the current situation and that desired. In addition, managers and employees should already be working together on preparations for the strategically relevant challenges of the future.

Which instruments make sense in your case? How can they be successfully implemented and evaluated? How can personnel development be made strategically important in the company? We will be happy to advise you.


Accurate personnel selection with Jobfidence

Jobfidence® is the best solution for the selection of management personnel or sales representatives. Jobfidence® was created for examination conditions and compares the required profile and the actual profile as well as the favourable and unfavourable performance prerequisites of the particular candidate. A large number of studies prove the high quality of Jobfidence®.

Besides using Jobfidence®, we also advise you on the development and implementation of Assessment Center.


Agreeing targets

Modern ways of agreeing targets

Most of the classical ways of agreeing targets have failed. Fewer and fewer tasks can be expressed and evaluated using indicators, and simply measuring the degree of target achievement does not reveal much about behaviour in the company as a whole. Widespread, rigid application of targets that are planned from beginning to end generates results with little practical value. And the fact that very many agreements are actually instructions does not exactly increase staff motivation.

Modern alternatives for successfully managing employees’ duties include flexible targets, agreements on measures, Hoshin planning or Scrum – the iterative interplay between clear and realistic requirements from one’s immediate superior, and largely autonomous decisions concerning resources and implementation taken by the employees.


Potential analysis for leadership and sales

The Power-Potential-Profile® is a high quality method of potential analysis for further personnel development, education and coaching. Three elements are measured:

  • The personality structure
  • Own attitude to one’s professional role
  • Competencies for leadership or sales and distribution.

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