flow sales® – Marketing Know How for your targets

„To see clearly, just change
your direction of sight.“
Antoine de Saint Exupéry

flow sales® – Marketing Know How for your targets

Customer orientation is not only a matter of having the right attitude. The organization must visualize all strategic areas from the customers point of view. All interfaces must function accordingly.

New challenges in marketing, sales and customer service are only to solve multi-dimensionally. Doing so requires explicit and implicit knowledge, external professional knowledge as well as that of the customer.

We can support you at optimizing your performance through intelligent marketing and sales concepts. Action-Learning-Concepts, On-Site-Training, Field-Analysis and Potential-Feedback are methodical examples to speed up the learning curve.



flow campaigning – Marketing and Campaign Consultation

Marketing campaigns are often reduced to individual operations: a nice idea for a product, advertisement for a period of two months, a discount is promised and that it was.

We are not an advertising agency. We support you with strategical questions and the design of new campaigns. These can be image or advertisement campaigns directed at customers, but equally communication campaigns for a change project within the organisation directed at the members of staff.

Your project team benefits through our know-how:

  • How do you form your central competitive advantages, the benefits for the customer or the advantages of the change project?
  • What potentials and resources are you using for the communicative implementation and in which form?
  • How do you rhythm your campaigns, how do you use Issue-Management, what activities are surprising and have lasting effect?

Your campaign is given a professional outline for an image-building that will succeed.

Sales Training

flow sales training – from a Sales Representative to a Customer Manager

The market for seminars on the subject of sales is flourishing. Besides the serious hosts you will also find motivation gurus that work on the principal of changing the behaviour of the sales representative in order to successfully perform as an organization.

But the reality is different:

  • Customers (in B2B-Business and in B2C-Business) are always well informed.
  • Sales structures rapidly change in the market and lead to buying habits (i.e. globalization and online-business).
  • Organizational structures and roll perception in marketing have a stronger influence on the performance in sales than the achievements of an individual sales representative.

We accordingly offer reputable consultation as well as coaching and training concepts for the sales and marketing areas.


  • We conduct accompanying customer-observation that allows us to perform an in-depth analysis of the customer expectation. This enables you to optimize the sales training to fulfil these specific expectations.
  • We integrate the experience of inside sales into the training and thus encourage the cooperation between inside sales and field representatives.
  • We analyse the dialogues in the call centre to enable effective telephone training.
  • We offer supplementary assistance for the selection of your sales personnel by means of the potential analysis Jobfidence®.

Media Training

flow media training

The media has major impact in reflecting the image of an organization toward the public. The consumer does not only perceive a company through direct communication or advertisement, but also through media coverage. More and more areas of the enterprising reality have become interesting for the media: such as the introduction of new products, change over of top management, strategical redirection, proposed fusion, political debates of company locations, long term husbandry or social standards of outsourced locations in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

We support you, your Management, your Public Relations Department and your Project Teams in your internal and external organizational communications tasks.

Our experienced experts in press and public relations, in media rhetoric and journalism will analyse the bespoke assignments. They train, coach and consult on the following topics:

  • Media and Public Relations
  • Presentation and personal appearance
  • Literature Work Shop
  • Statement-, Interview- and Round Table Training