Shaping better with
flow leadership®

„There is only one way to avoid making
mistakes: Stop having ideas!“
Albert Einstein

Shaping better with flow leadership®

Leadership is taking place in an increasingly rapidly changing and complex environment. Managers often find themselves confronted with specifics and dilemmas that cannot be solved one-dimensionally.

This means that leadership is the constant battle to turn unrest into productivity. To do so, it is helpful to look at three perspectives: Management, Leadership and Excellence (malex).

By means of effective learning methods, we accompany and develop Managers, empowering them to find their way in each of the three perspectives. This enables confident managing within an instable environment.

The flow malex cube is an excellent guideline for shaping leadership.


Leadership Training

flow leadership training – managers on their way to a better performance

Management development is essential for the further development of the organisation. How do the managers act within the company? How do they leave their mark on your company culture? How do they give guidelines and how do they ensure a continuous innovation and increase in value?

How do you prepare the up-and-coming young managers for their tasks?
How do experienced managers deal with the increasing complexity?
How do you support your experienced managers concerning their further development?

You can benefit from the management development programmes offering more than the state of the art. We advise you on the planning of programmes and trainings. Take advantage of our expertise for your trainings and workshops.


flow coaching: serious sparring partner

Managers should analyse and reflect on their own situation and leadership context on a regular basis. An external coach can be a good sparring partner for this. When forming a change process it is especially important to navigate each step consciously. When choosing your coach or a coach for your managers – pay special attention to respectability, experience and methodical clarity. Benefit from our extensive know-how in coaching.

Team development

flow team power – to jointly make development possible

The aims and goals of team development measures are as diverse as the expectations of all people involved.

What do you expect or wish for your team?

  • to handle conflicts in a constructive way,
  • to clarify structures, processes and interfaces,
  • to work on a common strategy,
  • to analyse the team’s strong points and potentials or
  • to make a good start as a new or even as a “virtual” team?

We will support you to develop the Power you strive for within your team.


Leadership in complex situations

As the world of work becomes more dynamic, it is unwise to manage a company solely by imposing top-down-decisions. This is because complexity is characterised by surprises and interactions. So the decision-making process used should integrate various levels of the hierarchy. That has impacts on the way leadership is seen within the company. Leadership acquires a different mandate and a different style. It establishes a new structure and culture of decision-making. It ensures that complexity is neither eliminated nor reduced, but instead is accepted and absorbed. Leadership that aims not to control complexity, but to shape it, is distinguished by mutual recognition of expertise, an experimental approach, and a culture that deals openly with errors, and values informal experience.

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