flow change® – What will change, what will remain stable?

„The completion is worshipped,
the development is underestimated.“
Friedrich Nietzsche

flow change® – What will change, what will remain stable?

Successfully deployed change processes are a central lever for the competitive position of an organisation.

However, change processes are not steady and continuous, they rather develop in a dynamic and varied way. When creating change processes, this dynamic development will have to be taken into account. At the same time, structuring elements will be required to maintain one’s ability to act.

We support you

  • with the deployment of strategy workshops,
  • with the planning and realisation of change processes,
  • with the implementation of group work or idea management,
  • with team development or conflict resolution.

The flow turn map® is an excellent guideline for planning change processes.




Our flow change® navigator is a helpful tool if your change project has already developed and want to receive orientation for the next suitable steps.


flow strategies – Strategy Development with Scenario-Technique

Due to rapid change processes and complex global influencing factors, the future is becoming increasingly insecure. Simple trend descriptions are not a sound basis for the development of a sustainable strategy. The Scenario-Technique is supportive in dealing with ever increasing complexity. You develop target setting ideas for the future of the organization in workshops with selected managers, experts and members of staff. You encourage strategic thinking, management gains strategic clarity of operational approaches. We support you with strategy development, repositioning or focussing.

Change Management

flow change – Effective Change Management

Change Management does not offer the ideal solution. In complex situations, it is possible to make a schedule, but you will have to adapt or postpone it continuously. You will have to find new solutions and options, you will need to improvise, to observe in a precise way and to make new decisions for each new step. We make sure that the internal know-how will be activated and that the change concepts will perfectly fit in your organisational context. We look forward to finding out with you about your present position within the change process and which might be the next step.

The flow turn map® is an excellent guideline for planning change processes.



flow innovation: Support creativity in your organization

Innovation and Innovation management encompasses more than only the development of new products. Additionally, innovation means:

  • Recognising where old structures no longer make sense.
  • New processes, ideas, developing opportunities and implementing solutions.
  • Strengthening the innovative ability of an organization.

Idea Management

Modern idea management can uncover the innovative force of the associates. Old concepts of the Operational Suggestion Management and Continuous Improvement Process can be revived in a modern form, integrated and professionalized.

Consensual Consulting

flow agreement – consensual consultation for new chances

Projects developed in cooperation with the works council find a morerapid acceptance with the employees. Employing the works council as constructive managers actively designs the future of the organization. Cooperative partnership is promoted by productively resolving difficult negotiations.

In order to make that work, an open exchange and conjoint approach of upcoming challenges is necessary.

We support this process as external moderators, in the clarification of interests as well as in the moderation of negotiations and workshops and during the implementation of measures.

Balloting processes during the compiling of operational agreements are accelerated. Sustainable solutions are developed, that rapidly unfold their impact in the organizational day to day business.