References – This is what customers say about our work

«STEVENS is one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in Germany based in Hamburg. We live up to our high quality standards, are “down to earth” and cosmopolitan at the same time. Our organization is growing, we are evolving. flow consulting supported us effectively and with full commitment. Listening carefully, understanding what the customer needs and then suggesting an effective solution, this is what we appreciate most» (2018)
Wolfgang von Hacht, Managing Director Stevens Vertriebs GmbH

«We qualify organizational experts and leaders for their success in international markets. By doing so, we stimulate the intercultural exchange of experiences and foreign-trade relationships with the state of lower saxony. flow consulting’s professional presentation training for leaders from e.g. Russia, India, Usbekistan or Mexico is definitively one of the highlights during their stay in Germany.» (2017)
Dr. Ronald Pschierer, Programm Manager Deutsche Management Akademie Niedersachsen gGmbH

«A professional logistics company demands a professional HR selection, for recruiting as well as for potential future leaders. With the use of Jobfidence and in collaboration with flow consulting, we could achieve a high precision in meeting our demands. That is why we appreciate the expertise of flow consulting when assessing personnel for key functions in the company.» (2017)
Björn Hamker, Head of International Talent Management & Leadership Development Schnellecke Group AG & Co. KG Corporate Human Resources

«LEAG uses a constructive and future-oriented approach to implement their digital transformation strategy. flow consulting’s support and training of our Digital Think Tank was very effective, flexible and accurate. By doing so, the think tank went quickly into a productive and innovative working modus.» (2017)
Alexander Lengstorff Wendelken, Head of Personnel Development, Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG / Lausitzer Energie Kraftwerke AG

«In Germany, we produce with our 100 employees high-quality chocolate, chocolate confectionery, marzipan and other exquisite sweet delicacies. During the reorientation process of our strategy, the members of flow consulting supported us with their professional competence. Their exact analysis, precise made-to-measure plans and suggestions as well as the integration of our employees into the change process made a particular impression on us. Thus, we were able to considerably increase our productive profitability and to innovate our sales and marketing work.» (2016)
Petra Kneipp, authorised signatory of Schwermer Dietrich Stiel GmbH

«If we are to offer the best possible support to our trading partners in selling our products, we have to know how customers on the various markets actually behave at the point of sale. flow consulting gmbh helped us obtain in-depth information about the Russian market. flow supported us at all stages of the process, from methodological design and the selection and management of a Russian agency, all the way to evaluating and presenting the results. The findings fed successfully into our marketing and sales activities on the Russian market.» (2016)
Lars Fahrenbach, Sales Central and Eastern Europe, Continental Tire Division

«As a joint venture of Wolfsburg AG and AutoVision GmbH, we create effective solutions using temporary staff within the Volkswagen Group and in the automotive industry.
Our challenge was to find a new position for ourselves and to continue developing our strategic orientation. flow consulting effectively supported us in this process both in individual consultations and at moderated workshops. The flow consultants provided the right impetus coupled with great flexibility while backing up our change process. We appreciated the support from flow consulting in elaborating and implementing the strategy.» (2015)
Susanne Scholtyssek, Prokurist (authorised representative), AutoVision Zeitarbeit GmbH & Co. OHG

«I know many projects that look simple on paper and promise rapid improvements in the processes.
Yet in reality they nearly always fall down when it comes to implementation. Working with flow consulting was different. The flow consultants are able to come up with reliable analyses; at the same time, the management team and the employees were involved in such a way that implementing the measures met with broad agreement. The flow consultants adapted flexibly to our special situation and we were able to achieve lasting improvements in our workflows. Our investment in the machines and in IT is now really paying off.» (2015)
Dr. Thilo Menzer, proprietor of Dialysepraxen Menzer

«German Water & Energy (GWE) is a group of globally active companies. We develop, produce and distribute high-quality products for the development, extraction and distribution of water, energy and raw materials.
flow consulting offered us a training concept that meets our individual requirements. The trainer brilliantly took up the hands on and implementation-oriented approach of our leaders and built up upon it. The flow trainers ideally combined innovative and up-to-date leadership concepts with our specific demands. Our leadership competencies have been strengthened significantly – we notice that strongly in our daily business.» (2014)
Hanno Moers, Head of Personnel Development, GWE – Gruppe

«TMD Friction is a leading global manufacturer of brake friction materials in the original equipment market of the automotive and brake industry. By designing a flexible shift working system, flow consulting has supported us effectively in a challenging consensual process. Thanks to the sensitive and neutral moderation, flow consultants helped us to come to an ideal solution: now we combine both – the interests of the management and those of the worker’s council.» (2014)
Rainer Diel, Managing Director, TMD Friction EsCo GmbH

«With over 60 brands and 90 employees, Thalinger-Lange is one of the largest suppliers for the bicycle, fishing and motor scooter specialist trade in Austria.
flow consulting gmbh accompanied us during our strategic re-organisation. The few but well-aimed interventions of the flow-coaches had an enormous effect on our company and therefore deeply convinced me.» (2013)
Fred Schierenbeck, Managing Director of Thalinger-Lange GmbH

«The focus on our customers’ expectations and requirements is our guiding principle. In accordance with this we are continuously co-ordinating and developing our strategy, our organisation and our employees. For 3 years flow consulting has supported us in this process with strategy-consulting, action-learning projects and iterative consulting in a competent, flexible and solution-oriented way. The positive success of this work is shown by three awards: best garage chain by “Autobild 2012” and by “auto motor und sport 2012” and as best brand in the category “free garages” by “Firmenauto 2013”.» (2013)
Regina Brendecke, Manager Human Resources + Training, Vergölst GmbH

«For 45 years, the VRG Group with 350 employees and headquarters in Oldenburg has been the IT partner for all kinds of companies for the daily IT business.
During our collaboration, flow consulting gmbh enabled us to strengthen our strategic competence to face the future challenges in a most efficient way. In particular, we benefited from our consultant’s flexible way of acting. By means of workshops and individual interviews, he gave us the essential impetus concerning our strategy development and realisation process.» (2012)
Stephan Traudes, Business Development Manager, VRG Gruppe

«Practical examples, models and methods of flow consulting: I don’t know of any other consultancy company offering such a complet e know-how. Furthermore, all flow consultants reacted to our practical questions in a most flexible way. In this way, I got a lot of new ideas for my work as an internal coach and trainer.» (2012)
Alexa Götte, Central Personnel Development Manager, Waldburg-Zeil Kliniken

«Lehrte is a town with a population of approx. 45,000 near Hanover. For many years, flow consulting has been supporting us in the development of our executives. The flow trainers always offer clearly defined and specific solutions according to our special demands and aims. The results are highly acceptable and efficient measures. Therefore, we are in the position to keep up a modern and vivid management culture always in touch with our citizens.» (2012)
Heinz-Ulrich Alpers, Director of the Central Town Department of Lehrte

«flow consulting accompanied the drawing up of our principles regarding cooperation and leadership in a professional and efficient way. Their skilled moderation of the workshops and their well founded inputs enabled us to fomulate an appropriate instrument of orientation for our 14,000 staff members worldwide.» (2011)
Sabine Krüger, Group’s Divisional Head of Personnel and Organisation Development, Schnellecke Group AG & Co.KG

«Continental Teves develops and manufactures electronic and hydraulic brake systems, sensor systems and advanced driver assistance systems. We considerably changed the variable payment of our non-tariff employees at our head office in Frankfurt/Main and at our factories in Gifhorn and Rheinboellen in 2011. flow consulting accompanied this introduction process with high competence. They developed a varied and practice-oriented seminar plan. The flow team trained approx. 1,300 non-tariff employees and managers in 70 half-day sessions. We are fully satisfied with the achieved results, the seminar feedback and with the excellent cooperation with flow.»  (2011)
Nicole Jahn, Human Resources, Personnel Development, Continental Teves AG & Co.ohG, Frankfurt a.M.

«We are running 9 in- and out-patient socio-psychological institutions. flow consulting accompanied us during the reorganisation of our strategy and structure.
Within a very short period of time, the flow consultants were able to adapt to our requirements and to our specific organisation culture. They asked the right questions and proposed the appropriate measures. Their consulting services were efficient and effective.» (2010)
Barbara Wolf, managing director, Association for the Promotion of a Social Psychiatry (VSP)

«We are right with our marketing strategy: A clear distinction can be made between us and our competitors, our message matches our way of acting and we can reach new target groups with an emotional and precise presentation. flow consulting gmbh advised us on the development of this strategy. The flow-consultants gave us the necessary new impulses, always acted in a quick and flexible way on the highest professional level. That is what we expect of a good partnership.» (2009)
Joachim Sedlaczek, spokesman of the board of directors of VIANTIS AG
3103campaigning_e.pdf(4558.96 kB, Stand: 09.11.2009)

«The Continental bicycle or “two wheel” tires are not only designed by our Technological Development Center in the Hessian town of Korbach, but a considerable part of those tires is also manufactured in Germany.
With utmost professionalism, flow consulting gmbh has coached the continuous improvement process in our factory in Korbach. flow is supporting our team particularly in view of their competence of realization which has led to an increase in efficiency and quality as well as to a clear reduction of rejects.» (2009)
Jürgen Marth, Business Unit Two Wheel Tires, Continental AG

«Lufthansa Technik conducted a large-scale training measure titled “Win your Customer” for all employees (ca. 600) who have regular external customer contact. One of the central challenges of the concept development was to make all of the internal interfaces and coordination processes tangible and to illustrate their correlation with customer satisfaction. Therefore we decided on the “business game” method. The business game designed by flow exactly meets our requirements and ensures a quick and lasting way of learning for our employees.» (2008)
Peter Schürholz, Projectmanager “Win your Customer”, Personnel development and Company culture department, Lufthansa Technik AG

«We adapted our sales structure to the transformed needs of our customers. flow consulting advised us in doing so. The reputable and responsible completion of our sales audit by flow (Short-AC with Jobfidence) provided us with a basis for a tailored and effective qualification program for our members of staff and new recruits. The success was measurable within the first year.» (2006)
Claus-Dieter Jandel, Steigenberger Hotel Group, Chief Representative
2103potentialanalysis_e.pdf (208.21 kB, Stand: 21.04.2008)

«We were able to notably increase the productivity in our plant over the past few years. A major part of this is due to the good consultation and accompaniment of flow. Due to the support of flow, teamwork was successfully introduced in small practical steps.» (2006)
Martin Blumenthal, Head of Human Resources Impress Group, Werk Cuxhaven
1403teamstructure_e.pdf (341.27 kB, Stand: 13.09.2007)

«We have developed our location and are fit for the global market. flow is and has been an important partner for us in achieving this. flow accompanied us in establishing shop-floor teams within production, the role change of our foremen and department managers and the implementation of Ideas-Management in a competent manor and with measurable success.» (2006)
Jochen Hundt, Plant Manager Silgan White Cap Hannover (formerly Amcor White Cap)
1302innovation_e.pdf (351.06 kB, Stand: 13.09.2007)

«Generating long term sales successes in the international market is essential for rose-plastic. The quality of our products and our staff is proven by several awards. To achieve additional and noteworthy success at such a high level is only feasible with the support of professional trainers and consultants. To do this we chose a consulting company that isn’t too large, to continue our success story. With flow consulting we found a highly motivated team of specialists, who are really beneficial for us middle class people.» (2005)
Bernhard Link, General Manager rose-plastic

«The assignment of flow trainers in our company lead to measurable results. Our members of staff consistently utilize the developed ideas and our customers are delighted.» (2004)
Thomas Lunacek, Director of the Thermalquellen Loipersdorf

« We were able to competently staff our leading positions through specific talent development. flow provided us with a tailored accompaniment during our Leadership-Trainee-Program. The flow-Potential-Analysis, Power-Potential-Profile®, provided our Trainee-Leaders with a visible and quikly effective development impulse.» (2002)
Ruth Hegmann, Personnel Manager,, WM-Group
2303leadershiptraining_e.pdf (371.32 kB, Stand: 16.05.2007)

«Thinking in processes – approaching challenges from different perspectives, implementing flexible solutions with considerable impact: flow is our partner and applies these qualities and competences for the benefit of Continental AG.» (2002)
Jürgen Gräber, Marketing and Sales, Continental AG

«To start out the consultation, the flow trainers got to know the company from within. They know the companies goals, requirements and the day-to-day business of our staff and managers. flows’ concepts and seminars are completely adapted to our goals, are effective and successful.» (2001)
Birgit Neubauer, Manager of Personnel development, Compass Group Deutschland GmbH

« flow consultation during the implementation of a Target-Agreement-System (including success based payment) and in the use of a potential analysis helped us to take major steps forward. flow approached this with sensitivity for our company culture and in doing so gained acceptance. Great value was placed on the successful implementation. In so far one stood out from standard concepts.» (2001)
Thomas Brandt, Personnel Manager of Schenker AG, Stinnes Logistics
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«The in-house verdict of flow is exceptionally positive. Not only I, but many of the associates are convinced that we found a competent partner in flow for our reformation efforts. We are especially pleased, that flow do not work with a “one size fits all” schema, they target our needs in order to provide solutions, in addition they do this quickly and reliably.» (2000)
Dr. Klaus Rosenzweig, at present the project director of the city Langenhagen

« Why flow? Due to the competent consultation by flow our business units are able to adapt to new trends quicker. Our staff gained security and confidence through the sales training. Our staff is getting professional help for more success.» (1999)
Otto Kemmer, President of the Deutscher Konditorenbund