Pro bono: our social commitment

We regularly support the work of charitable organisations. One way we do this is by making donations. We also support selected projects by providing consulting and training free of charge. We see this as part of our social responsibility. This page gives some examples of our pro bono activities

2016: The women’s refuge (Frauenhaus Celle e.V.)

»The women’s refuge in Celle (Frauenhaus Celle e.V.) offers protection, support and advice for women and children threatened by violence. Therefore, we closely work together, among others, with both female and male lawyers and doctors, the police and all public authorities involved. The coaches and consultants of flow consulting considerably supported our board members, who are all working on a voluntary basis, in professionalising our organisational structures and our public relations work. The flow coaches and consultants showed their extensive competence by their particular feel for the challenges we have to cope with. Thus, we were able to develop perfectly made-to-measure solutions.«
Annette von Progrell, chairwoman of the board of the women’s refuge in Celle (Frauenhaus Celle e.V.)

2015: The Lumière Community Cinema

»The “Lumière” cinema is run by the association Film- und Kinoinitiative Göttingen e.V. (FKI) with support from the town of Göttingen. It represents an alternative to commercial cinema-going, screening artistically exceptional films and film series, often in co-operation with other cultural organisations and initiatives in Göttingen. The programme regularly includes discussions with film-makers, lectures and exhibitions, and an extensive range of cultural activities for children and teenagers.
We rely on volunteers to support our work. Every year we offer a place for a young person to do a Voluntary Social Year focusing on culture. flow consulting supported us by drawing up a more detailed description of our requirements for this challenging voluntary work, and making the selection of applicants more goal-focused so we can find enthusiastic people who will give their full commitment to our project.«
Anna Fuhry und Wilfried Arnold; Managers

2014: Dansk Skoleforening for Sydslesvig (Danish School Association in Nortern Germany)

»The Danish School Association is the carrier of danish schools and daycare facilities in Schleswig-Holstein. Our schools take over the function of public schools for the Danish minority in Germany. They focus on teaching the danish language and culture and place great value on developing a basic understanding of democracy. We need to conscientiously plan our budget in order to achieve solid and sustainable results. flow consulting has supported us effectively in this matter.«
Bjarne Stenger-Wullf, Head of Human Resources

2014: Quality of teaching at an elementary school

»Our elementary school works on improving its quality all the time. To this end we take part in the regular evaluations by the German state of Bavaria. Yet feedback alone is not really sufficient. You need to draw the right conclusions and make the necessary changes to the way the school works. Peter Eisele from flow consulting provided free support in doing precisely this. He both sensitively and professionally chaired a workshop with the teaching staff for assessing the evaluation.«
Jochen Fuchs, Head of the Hoyren elementary school in Lindau

2013: Honorary church council

»The slogan of the last church council election was ‘strengthen the parish’. But for our church, the Versöhnungskirche [Church of Reconciliation], this meant most of all ‘rejuvenate the parish’. After the election, flow consulting supported us free of charge in planning and structuring this work. We also received valuable impetus for enhancing our joint work during the externally moderated church council retreat.«
Edgar Dogge, Pastor

2012: Village community

»Matthias Diederichs from flow consulting helped us prepare and run the events in a motivating and targeted fashion. We got some new volunteers, and the cultural events put on by the village culture group are now an integral part of village life.«
Dirk Piper, Deputy Mayor of Ballenhausen

2011: Catholic couples preparing for marriage

»Every year couples prepare to get married. Yet most weddings are prepared only as events that take place on a particular day. Peter Eisele from flow consulting came up with special preparation on a sailing boat on Lake Constance for the Catholic parishes in the region around Kempten and Lindau. Using analogies between sailing and marriage he showed the couples how to avoid classical pitfalls in a relationship.«
Josef Wassermann, Head of pastoral care for couples and families in the Kempten region, diocese of Augsburg