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We consult and accompany organisations in the field of organisational and personnel development. Our key areas are change management, executive development, sales optimisation and human resources management.

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New Business Models: Innovation in Times of High Complexity

For many businesses the subject of business models and business model innovation is very important at the moment. Startup companies create new business models, the energy sector splits their business models, large cooperations found new labs to probe new models themselves, etc. The digital transformation leads increasingly to a change of the traditional business models. […]

Digital Think Tank at LEAG

As part of their digitalization strategy and to push the digital transformation, LEAG focuses on a think tank approach (Digital Think Tank ‘DTT’). This approach is supposed to positively affect the company’s cultural shift toward more agility. flow consulting has supported and accompanied the digital think tank in its first steps. […]

The Digital Transformation – Will ‘Technology 4.0’ only work with ‘Leadership 4.0’?

The Internet of Things, 3-D printers, virtual reality, automated driving, connectivity and digitisation – the digital transformation appears to be marching inexorably forward, and even a hacker attack on 900,000 routers is not going to slow it down very much. […]

Coaching seminar – ‘Shaping Leadership’

This seminar ‘Shaping Leadership’ is aimed at experienced coaches who work with managers (and trainee managers) on complex personal and organisational issues. […]

«flow supported us at all stages of the process, from methodological design and the selection and management of a Russian agency, all the way to evaluating and presenting the results. The findings fed successfully into our marketing and sales activities on the Russian market.»
Lars Fahrenbach, Sales Central and Eastern Europe, Continental Tire Division
«The flow consultants provided the right impetus coupled with great flexibility while backing up our change process. We appreciated the support from flow consulting in elaborating and implementing the strategy.»
Susanne Scholtyssek, Prokurist, AutoVision Zeitarbeit GmbH & Co. OHG
«flow consulting gmbh accompanied us during our strategic re-organisation. The few but well-aimed interventions of the flow-coaches had an enormous effect on our company and therefore deeply convinced me.»
Fred Schierenbeck, Managing Director of Thalinger-Lange GmbH
«Practical examples, models and methods of flow consulting: I don’t know of any other consultancy company offering such a complet e know-how. Furthermore, all flow consultants reacted to our practical questions in a most flexible way.»
Alexa Götte, Central Personnel Development Manager, Waldburg-Zeil Kliniken
«We were able to notably increase the productivity in our plant over the past few years. A major part of this is due to the good consultation and accompaniment of flow. Due to the support of flow, teamwork was successfully introduced in small practical steps.»
Martin Blumenthal, Head of Human Resources Impress Group, Cuxhaven plant